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Aluminum Window Solutions.

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SEALCRAFT provides Custom aluminum window systems to satisfy any architectural requirements.



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Custom aluminum window systems for any application.

Historic Replication

Restoring a historical structure? We'll help you replicate the look and feel of the original windows.

Hi-Rise & Commercial

Big buildings require big solutions. We manage projects with upwards of 12,000 custom windows.


We're proud to provide custom military-grade aluminum window systems.


Our custom aluminum windows are great for owners looking for more robust custom windows.

SEALCRAFT Aluminum Windows

Our SEALCRAFT aluminum window systems have been applied to everything from single-family homes and hi-rise condominiums to historical replication projects - some requiring more than 12,000 custom windows.


Here at SEALCRAFT, we pride ourselves on our ability to design custom aluminum window systems to satisfy your architectural requirements.

Our window systems meet today's blend of structural, thermal, acoustical, and aesthetic requirements as demanded by the current market for commercial and residential window systems.

We bring our resources of energy, talent, and experience together to provide the best commercial window solutions available.

SealCraft Aluminum Hotel Windows
SealCraft Factory


SEALCRAFT operates over 50,000 square feet of production space and utilizes today's leading technology to boost turnaround time while maintaining the quality that we're known for.

Our aluminum windows have been tested and certified for water penetration resistance, air infiltration, structural performance, hurricane impact, blast mitigation, sound transmission class, forced entry protection and others.

Our entire team at SEALCRAFT is dedicated to providing you with a pleasant experience from start to finish!


Much like our production stage, installation of our custom aluminum window systems is a top priority at SEALCRAFT.

No matter what type of building our windows are used in they should always be installed in accordance with our written installation instructions to ensure they perform as intended and as tested under the AAMA guidelines.

Please visit our documents library or contact us for installation guidelines and written instructions.

Sealcraft Installation

Need custom vinyl windows? Our AUBURN SERIES line is the solution.


Our single-hung aluminum windows provide one moveable sash and are constructed using leading technology to ensure a stylish finish and energy efficiency.

Horizontal Slider

Horizontal aluminum sliders are a great design choice for rooms that face walkways and porches and are popular due to their ease of use and flexible design specifications.


Also known as a 'Double Sash', double-hung aluminum windows provide two sliding sashes that can be opened to provide increased ventilation and air flow.

Casement Windows

Casement aluminum windows are connected to the frame via hinges and open outwards or inwards similar to a door and provide unobstructed views.

Fixed Windows

Fixed aluminum windows don't have any moving parts and are often used to highlight outdoor scenery in living, dining, and bedrooms where natural light is preferred.

Project Out

Also known as 'Awning Windows', Project Out aluminum windows include a top hinge that opens outward, shielding the opening while maintaining ample ventilation.


Timberly Williams

SEALCRAFT windows are available for construction use in the Continental United States and over 6600 custom windows were manufactured in 2021.

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