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Sealcraft Custom Aluminum Windows

About Us

Sealcraft Aluminum Hotel Windows


SEALCRAFT has been providing custom aluminum window systems for over 40 years!

In that time we've installed hundreds of thousands of windows. From standard single-family dwellings and complex high-rise condominiums, to historic replication projects — some requiring more than 12,000 custom windows.

Our continuity in ownership and management affords consistency in our business practices. We are repeatedly told “—how easy it is to do business with SEALCRAFT.” 


We believe that our team members are the best in the business, period!

Quality is maintained from our sales staff to our production and installation crews and is the reason why we've been able to service projects all over the country.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate directly with builders, architects, and suppliers to provide custom aluminum window systems that meet today's blend of structural, thermal, acoustical, and aesthetic requirements.

Sealcraft Factory
Sealcraft Roboclean Technology


SEALCRAFT aluminum windows are custom-designed and manufactured to your specifications.

Our manufacturing facilities utilize leading technology to improve efficiency and production speed while maintaining the quality we have become known for.

RoboClean™ Technology

Newest 4-point welders available

Robotic assistance technology

In-house paint booth and heat curing

Schedule a free consultation with a SEALCRAFT professional.


Sealcraft single-hung aluminum windows are constructed using today's leading technology to ensure a stylish appearance and energy efficiency.

Horizontal Slider

Horizontal sliders are a great design choice for rooms that face walkways and porches and are popular due to their ease of use and flexible design specifications.


Also known as a 'Double Sash', double-hung windows provide two sliding sashes that can be opened to provide increased ventilation and air flow.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are connected to the frame via hinges and open outwards or inwards similar to a door and provide unobstructed views.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows don't have any moving parts and are often used to highlight outdoor scenery in living, dining, and bedrooms where natural light is preferred.

Project Out

Also known as 'Awning Windows', Project Out windows include a top hinge that opens outward, shielding the opening while maintaining ample ventilation.

What to expect.

Phase 1: Design

Our window professionals will help you design and finalize specifications for your windows and doors.

Phase 2: Manufacture

We manage over 500,000 square feet of production space - ensuring your windows are produced in a timely matter.

Phase 3: Installation

Please visit our documents library or contact us for installation guidelines and written instructions.

Phase 4: Support

We strive to be a reliable source for ongoing support and maintenance related to your custom windows.

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