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The first major change for cleaning vinyl windows and doors is a big one. In fact, it’s the biggest change in over 25 years – and it’s now part of Contour Windows’ daily process. The twin-head vinyl corner cleaner was designed by RoboClean®. The technology involves advanced, high-accuracy ROBOTICS!

How does this help you as a builder or developer? The simple answer is you receive a more accurate, clean, consistent product than conventional methods. Plus, it’s part of our daily process with no additional cost to you.

This 12-axis robotic machine provides: complete corner cleaning; reduced material touch ups; consistent, repeatable movements; multiple angles of attack and presentation of tools at unique and previously unattainable angles.

You can rest assured that each window from Contour Windows will be high quality, clean and consistent upon delivery.

A thorough list of the RoboClean® benefits are below.

• Eliminates hand cleaning & human errors • Robotic-arm reach enables tools to clean the square from underneath and off corners ‘Chatter’ is eliminated on a contoured surface ‘Orthogonal’ cleaning—engages the tool to the profile at the optimum angle no matter the profile’s contour • UL 508A, CUL & CE APPROVED • Meets ANSI +R15

We are here to build the best product for your needs – quickly and efficiently. Questions? Speak to a Contour Windows representative today.

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